Routledge Elie Kedourie's Approaches to History and Political Theory

Elie Kedourie was one of the twentieth century's most important and controversial historians of Middle East. He redefined landscape of field by challenging notion that West's imperial domination of region spawned nationalis


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Routledge History, Memory and Public Life

History, Memory and Public Life introduces readers to key themes in study of historical memory its significance by considering role of expertise understanding in contemporary public reflection on past.


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Emerald Publishing Limited Critical Realism, History, and Philosophy in

Social science, history, and philosophy have often been neglect in thinking through their fundamentally intertwined relationship. The result is an inattention to where social is concerned, or a of


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De Gruyter Markion und der biblische Kanon Christian Literature and History

Die beiden Hans Lietzmann Vorlesungen der Jahre 2009 und 2013 behandeln die frühchristliche Literatur in Beziehung zu ihrem antiken Umfeld, sowie deren Status als Relation zur Rhetorik Geistesgeschichte. AuBerdem wird Fr


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Palgrave Macmillan A History of the Dublin Metropolitan Police and its

This book illuminates the neglected history of Dublin Metropolitan Police a that has been long overshadowed by existing historiography, which traditionally preoccupied with more radical aspects of Irish history. It explo


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Palgrave Macmillan Representing History, Class, and Gender in Spain Latin

This anthology explores the role of children and teenagers in Latin American Spanish Film as protagonists, victims witnesses of societies polarized by still grappling with consequences of political divisions.


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Academic Studies Press Religious Zionism: History and Ideology

Religious Zionism is a major component of contemporary Israeli society and politics. The author reviews the history of religious from both a historical ideological theological perspective. His basic assumption is that ca


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Springer An Archaeology of History and Tradition

As the foundations of modern world were being laid at beginning of 19th century, Annapolis, Maryland, identified itself as Ancient City. This unusual appellation has served into present as a city that consistently


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Routledge India History and the Making of a Modern Hindu Self

Taking the contentious debates surrounding historical evidence and history writing between secularists Hindu nationalists as a starting point, this book seeks to understand origins of a growing consciousness in contemporary Indi


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Palgrave Macmillan Environment, Health and History

The environment is currently a matter of international public and academic concern, but is often considered separately from health issues. This book brings together work environmental historians to conceptualise connection betw


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